Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Latkes and Lucid Dreaming, a Symphony in Three Parts

Thing the first: Chanukah is a week away, as I'm sure you all know. While everyone is busy preparing to gorge themselves on greasy latkes and dive into a pile of gifts, I urge you to donate to a worthy cause. I promise it isn't painful, not in the least. A bit of cotton in one's gob never hurt anybody.


Thing the second: Once I'm permanently back from my self-imposed hiatus, I have a piece about Stern College's Anonymous Girl and my thoughts on the existence of a publication such as the YU Beacon brewing. But alas, they need to sit on the back burner for another eight days until my 43 pages worth of final papers are given to my evil overlords professors. In the meantime, check out The Groggers' fabulous take on the situation. Yes, I feel the need to advertise for them. They are that good.


Thing the third: Aliza recently wrote about feeling like she's constantly being tested. If she's being tested, then I'm not only being watched but someone has implanted a chip in my brain causing me to have nightmares depicting my deepest insecurities and fears in bright colors and pulsating sound effects.

Anyone know a good magic potion to make them stop? :\ I just want my brain to quiet down a bit without having to tranquilize myself before bedtime.

Short post. More coming soon. Good luck on final exams and in life!


  1. Magic potion? Why yes, yes I do know one.
    Take three parts whiskey, two parts sriracha, and two parts vodka. Take every two hours.

  2. I just had a dream I was being attacked by hamsters. They were so cute as they bit me.

    Nyquil, baby.

  3. Dear Joanna:

    It sounds like the chip I had secretly implanted in your brain is defective. Please call my office so we can set up an appointment to have it replaced.

  4. Stefan, is that an Eternal Sunshine reference?


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