What is Arbitribe?
Arbitrary (noun) - Random, without direction, subject to individual will or judgment without restriction
Arbitrate (verb) - To decide as an arbiter, to determine, to settle a dispute
Diatribe (noun) - A bitter criticism, verbal attack
Tribe (noun) - Any aggregate of people united by ties of descent, community, or customs and tradition

Arbitribe is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a combination of four words that sounds like a fifth.  It's who we are.  It's probably who a lot of other people are, too.  It's as awesome as pie, with a good bit of zest thrown in.

Who are we? 
We're New York Jews, born and raised, who ♥ NY and our people, but who also have a lot to say about the status quo of both, about the communities, or lack thereof. We're talking about our tribe, Moses' flock, the "chosen people" Potok went on about.  We're talking about that disconnect that stops our friends from eating pies prepared in our strictly-kosher-but-non-VHQ-certified residential kitchens.  If you feel our confusion, this blog's for you.  Or about you, anyway.

Tzvi is a mild-mannered student of psychology by day and moonlights as Batman's stunt double by night. In his free time he plays guitar and bass and pretends he can play the piano.

Aliza is an assistant teacher/art student and freelance papercutter/artist. She spends her time, free or otherwise, cartooning and slashing paper. Despite her status as a snarky Jew, many of her posts are almost annoyingly heartfelt.

Pie is awesome. Seriously. Think of all the things you can put in it. Fruit, cream, custard, vegetables. Pie is wonderful.

Guest Writers:

Daniel is a founding member of Arbitribe who has since flown off to pursue the Red Baron and a Master's Degree. He tilts daily at injustices with a mighty lance made of bureaucracy and hummus. In his free time he plays the drums and flies airplanes.

Joanna is a founding member of Arbitribe, a film/media student, and pianist. Her free time is spent listening to as much music as she can possibly find, watching artsy films and reading. She also enjoys a trigger-happy habit.
A sporadic contributor, The Ginger Man spends his time designing fine jewelry, appraising wine (also fine), and searching dark, lonely taverns for the world's most complex beer.

Comments are welcome, especially from people who know where to score good pie.  Just note that if you're tempted to express displeasure or offense in your comments and do so in ways that we find annoying, there's a good chance we'll think you incompetent, and very likely incontinent, and an excellent chance that you will come up in practical discussion during our next voodoo devotional.

Note finally that due to an unfortunate imbalance of artistic skill among the contributors, all artwork is by Aliza unless otherwise noted.  Tzvi, Daniel, and Joanna, meanwhile, intend to form a sort of hipster metal band at their earliest convenience for the Ginger Man to appraise.  Cover art will, of course, be by Aliza.  And will feature pie.
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