What do we believe?
We believe, above all else, that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. We believe those things should be respected, and we expect that others show us the same courtesy. Religiously speaking, we wish to quote Tzvi's very first post: a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. But if you really want to label it, let's just leave it that we're all somewhere along the Modern Orthodox spectrum.

Seriously, guys. Why so critical?
Some part of being a New York Jew involves a little kvetching. We try to keep our posts funny and laugh rather than rant, but come on. This is a blog, what did you expect?

Who do I thank/blame for the music-focused bits?
That's all Tzvi, our self-professed "Metal Jew." A huge part of his posts are inspired by his daily soundtrack. It was so much a part of our blog that in the end we just figured it deserved its own section.

What's with all these cartoons?
Aliza grew up a doodler, coloring on the margins of her schoolbooks and getting in trouble for it. She can't help it. It's a compulsion. And sometimes she finds that she articulates her points better with pictures than with words. And lucky you, now you've got some pictures to break up those pesky paragraphs. 
As for the webcomic, that was just peer pressure. There's only so many times a girl can hear "You know what you should do?" before she's forced to listen.

How'd you guys come up with this name anyway?
Mexican food + Daniel's cleverness turned a casual description of Jews as a motley group (an "arbitrary tribe," if you will) into Arbitribe.

I want a cartoon. 
You're just going to have to be extra nice to Aliza, then. We're working on making the original panels from blogposts available soon, but until then, if you'd like a custom piece, contact us at arbitribe@yahoo.com.
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