Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Two people meet in the throes of adolescence, each one out of place with their alien surroundings.

They hide in the same spot. As luck would have it, instead of secluding themselves, they have each found a kindred spirit.

Words spill out, each mouth desperate for someone to understand.

Turns out, the two speak the same language.

An outlet has finally been found.

Time and circumstances separate the two, but not all hope is lost.

What to do? Simple. Merely keep in touch.

And if you wish to leave the friendship in the past, be blunt. Speak your mind. Uncertainty is cruel.

The tug of war this results in causes too much frustration and anguish. If you want to leave certain people, places and experiences in the past, be my guest. Just don't be ambiguous.

I have experienced this in so many different forms lately. I know the nature of time is to change things. Sooner or later, the natural order of the universe takes hold. People grow up and grow apart and lose touch, while others are brought into your life.

Empty spaces are filled by new entities. Just let the order of the universe take its course.

Sometimes, you just need to let things be. Like picking up the pieces of a broken mirror, you are in danger of cutting yourself on the sharp edges of a shattered friendship. Come to think of it, friends are like mirrors of ourselves, in fact. We befriend those we view as mirror images. New mirrors are possible to find. Walk away from the broken ones, they hold too much danger.

And so for anybody else out there who feels like they are being left out in the cold by those who they once thought were kindred spirits, I say to you, just give it time. The universe works itself out.

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