Thursday, February 16, 2012

Springtime... Almost

Is it just me, or was there a hint of spring in the air today on Long Island? Although drizzly, it was far from bitterly cold. Then again, it isn’t like we received a full-blown white winter this year anyways. So if spring is starting early, but we never really experienced winter… does it make the start of the new season less special because it isn’t arriving as a shock of warmth?

I’ve always secretly envied people in southern regions; experiencing four seasons was never really my thing. Warm, warmer and warmest are the only temperatures I like. Even the promise of snow angels and hot chocolate can’t change my opinion. Last year, if I recall correctly, we experienced some major snow storms. I was shocked when we were finally greeted by the first whispers of springtime. This year, however, we were never snowed in and I wasn’t plagued by cabin fever. Springtime is a arriving as a slow progression, instead of a surprising smack in the face. I’ve never really been one for surprises, so I quite prefer this new arrangement. Philosophical question: Do you prefer quick, shocking changes in life, or do you prefer change to come slowly and surely?

Either way, I’m glad winter will be officially over soon. It is most definitely time for transformation. I’m graduating from college in three months, and change is in the air. I’m looking at what might be the last stretch of time I’ll still be living at home, and figuring out what the next step in my life will be. Like the flowers bloom, so does life.

Springtime in New York means Passover, the Macy’s flower show, dining alfresco, and browsing the Union Square open air market. I look forward to simply grabbing a book and reading on the grass in Central Park.

So relax, grab an iced coffee, and lie back on the grass. The first rays of springtime sunshine are just around the corner. Rejoice!


  1. "Philosophical question: Do you prefer quick, shocking changes in life, or do you prefer change to come slowly and surely?"

    Philosophical retort: do we ever have a choice?

  2. Touche, mein freund.

    No. I just enjoy asking questions. It makes me feel thoughtful.


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