Thursday, September 15, 2011

Holy Days

Rosh Hashanah arrives in less than two weeks. I am not usually one to write up a list of New Years’ Resolutions, but I’ve been feeling the itch to write one lately. Maybe the reason lies in the fact that I’ve just begun my final year of college and I’m getting antsy and creating goals. Maybe the reason lies in the fact that I feel I haven’t accomplished enough lately and need to figure out how to motivate myself. Or maybe it’s just because I’m procrastinating wildly (*ding ding ding*) from doing my homework. Whatever the reason may be, it matters not: I wrote this list in hopes that one of my resolutions will ring a bell in your head and you’ll think of an idea or two yourselves.

1. Get in touch with that relative in Israel I’ve been meaning to email. Okay, this one is rather important. If I’m going to be spending an as-yet undecided amount of time in the Holy Land post-graduation, I feel like I should have someone aware of my plan who already lives there and could give me some advice, and perhaps a soft bit of floor on which to camp out in her apartment if need be.

2. Make more ‘me’ time. This might be cheesy, but it’s true. It is high time that I put down my textbooks and stop procrastinating online. Ideally, this will include live music and reading for pleasure as much as I can (damn those professors instructing me what to read during the semester). ‘Zen’ time is necessary first in order to be productive when the time comes for diligence, or burn-out will ensue.

3. Learn Photoshop, take two. The first time I learned the intricacies of the program I was still stuck in high school, so it’s been a while and I've forgotten nearly all the details. Computer art has always been a fascination of mine; I plan on quenching that particular thirst.

4. Yom Kippur is 'fast' approaching (pun intended), my least favorite day of the year. I am rather addicted to caffeine and the lack of morning coffee causes a massive headache, making me extremely irritable throughout the day. A headache beating like a drum on my skull plus my usual difficulty concentrating while davening is the perfect set-up for a failure of a day that is meant for atonement and repentance. It is most definitely time to mature in this area and concentrate on prayers instead of my own epicurean fantasies.

What are YOUR resolutions?

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  1. Alright, because you asked. And, because I would have written this either way.

    My New Year's resolution:

    1) Allow myself to finish the next four years of college [1.5 undergrad + 2 years master= oy], without getting too upset at myself for chosing the wrong major the first time around.

    2) Try to become my own person and not allow my parents to influence my descisions, or, worse, force upon me their descisions.

    3) This may be pathetic to consider a resolution, but I think I need to get a higher vocabulary. :P Maybe, I will attribute this soon-to-be feat, to the good old GRE's that I have yet to study for.

    4) Try to consistently daven. It's been hard; I've been on and off, but still, determined.

    5) The most important resolution--That next year's resolutions should be none of those I listed above.


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